MighteeFit is the vision of director Tee Tarjan. Tee has been a fitness professional for almost 20 years, from opening and operating large commercial gyms to working with some of the best coaches in the USA and across the Caribbean to training, developing and managing teams of up to 40 professional coaches. MighteeFit has been at the heart of N2 for over 5 years now; making positive changes in peoples lives. From weight loss, to shape change to improving health and quality of lives, our unique approach ensures your result is achieved and that you have fun and stay motivated throughout your training journey. Their new facility is truly unique; a colourful, bright positive environment filled with like minded professionals who are here simply to ensure all their members achieve their health, lifestyle and physique goals using safe, effective, varied and bespoke tailored programs. 

We worked with Mighteefit on their gym design prior to their complete renovation.

Kit List

Mighteefit - Tee Tarjan

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