Small gym, big lifts! Genius space saving equipment for tiny gyms


Being short on space doesn’t mean you have to compromise when it comes to building a gym.

Whether you’re planning on converting the office broom cupboard at work, trying to squeeze some extra equipment into that un-used corner of your studio or transforming your garage into the perfect gym den, if you choose your strength equipment wisely, you can transform any nook and cranny into a beautiful small space gym that will wow even George Clarke himself.



Yes, there really is a mini version of everyone’s favourite multi-function cable machine!

With all the same movement options and exactly the same weight stacks as its bigger brother, a compact dual adjustable pulley with its teeny tiny footprint will hideaway in the corner of even the smallest small gym.

This is all about packing in the greatest number of exercise options in the smallest space possible. 




Small gym, big lifts
A gym without a squat rack is like the Death Star without a War Room.

Even if you’re tight on space, you don’t have to settle for a rack-less gym.

This compact half rack is the definition of “tiny but mighty”, with ladder chinning bar, weight pins and even an integrated platform (which comes in either full 1.5m or “mini” 1m depth).





A must-have staple for any small gym, the PowerBlock is the Tardis of gym equipment.

These ingenious, funky looking rectangles house an ENTIRE RACK of dumbbells!

The colourful little blocks of buff can replace up to 28 pairs of dumbbells, with weights from 1kg to a massive 41kg per hand. Perfect when you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise on your free weight training.

The space saving PowerBlock is available from our friends at Savage Strength.




For those really awkward nooks and crannies, having equipment customised to fit the exact contours of your room will allow you to fully optimise the space you have available.

We created this mini rig for our customer, Get Fit in Bath, for a railway arch gym. The ladder is not only a training tool but also doubles as an access ladder to the high storage space above.

Where there is a will there is a way!

Train the way you want to train, not the way your space dictates – choosing equipment not just because “it fits”, but because it fits your training style too = gym cave success!

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