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Custom dumbells

Custom dumbbells from Full Metal Industries – the best dumbbells you can buy.

Available in two standard finish options, and an almost infinite number of custom combinations. Designed and manufactured in Europe. No compromises are necessary – have the best!

After years of development, we are proud to present our Custom Made Dumbbells.

Why do we make these?

What started as an experiment in ‘what if we just do everything EXACTLY how we want?’, is now here for sale as the pinnacle of what you can have where everything is EXACTLY as it should be.

Each pair is made up from up to 70 precision components depending on the specification chosen; all with beautiful fit, finish and detailing. These Custom Dumbbells are truly an engineered solution.

As you would expect, these are made to order, and as such we can offer a huge range of custom options, from weight divisions, to colour options, to custom logos. You want 2kg steps with your specific colours and logo – let us know and we can create a 3D render showing how your Custom Dumbbells could look, along with a quote.

For our nautical customers, or even just those who want the ultimate in dumbbells, we can even make them from marine grade stainless steel. Dumbbells designed for yachts, for budgets suitable for yachts!

As our Custom Dumbbells are machined from solid steel rather than using cast steel, they are very compact for their weight. This, along with the degree of accuracy in the machining of each component, leads to an amazing feeling of balance in the hand.

Due to the way in which our Custom Dumbbells are made and assembled, the handle can not come loose from the ends – they will never need tightening.

Although we offer two ‘standard’ versions of our Custom Dumbbells, we are able to tailor a specific set to your preferred specification. Your options include;

  • Option for your logo on endplates
  • Type of end plates
  • Handle thickness – 40mm is a favorite of ours for those wanting usable thick grip
  • Bright zinc plated steel or fully stainless steel material
  • Weight increments – e.g. 2kg steps rather than 2.5kg steps

Whatever you’re dreaming of, we’ll have a solution for you.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime guarantee. Our Custom Dumbbells, like all of our equipment is guaranteed for life
  • Built by hand. Designed and made in Europe
  • Incredibly customisable – choose from tons of options to get the Custom Dumbbells of your dreams. If you can think of an option that we don’t offer, give us a call and we’ll look at it with you
  • Save money – these dumbbells are designed to last, so no more regular replacement of cheaper sets
  • Beautiful dumbbells to add a distinct and branded finish to your facility

Lovely shiny custom dumbells! Contact us for more information ♦FULL METAL INDUSTRIES♦ www.fullmetalindustries.com Tel : +44 1225 688 988 sales@fullmetalindustries.com #strengthequipment #gymequipment #gym #fitness #personaltrainer #strongman #crossfit #bodybuilding #gyms #personaltrainingstudio #garagegym #gym #gymdesign #personaltraineruk #gymuk

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Custom dumbells - made to order, with your choice of colours and logo ♦FULL METAL INDUSTRIES♦ www.fullmetalindustries.com Tel : +44 1225 688 988 sales@fullmetalindustries.com #strengthequipment #gymequipment #gym #fitness #personaltrainer #strongman #crossfit #bodybuilding #gyms #personaltrainingstudio #garagegym #gym #gymdesign #personaltraineruk #gymuk

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About HD Series

The FMI HD Series is hand-built in Europe. All frames are guaranteed for life. Each piece is lovingly built to order by our team of skilled fabricators, so every order has the option to add custom features. 

Built by hand, guaranteed for life


This is a custom made item and takes a few weeks to manufacture. 

Let us know if you would like to find out about installation options

Lifetime Guarantee

This item carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY - if it breaks, we'll fix it forever. In the very unlikely event that something breaks, contact us and we'll sort the rest. 

In essence, what we are guaranteeing is that our products will never suffer a structural failure of framework or other welded metal parts. 

Exclusions from Lifetime Warranty:

  • Cables - these are a consumable part and will need replacing from time to time. 
  • Upholstery
  • Paint & finishes
  • Any non-metal parts
  • Items damaged through abuse or neglect

Please use our equipment in the manner intended, and it will look after you forever. We'll always do all we can to help you if something breaks through abuse, but it might not be a warranty issue. 

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