Reasons to choose an FMI Power Rack

1. Lifetime guarantee – if your power rack breaks, we fix it.
2. Built by hand
3. More than strong enough for the strongest athletes in the world

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  • Squat Stands

    £575.00 ex VAT

    Our Squat/Power Stands are designed with heavy lifting and elite athletes in mind, we've tested these up to 400kg. Ideal if you are lacking space for a permanently placed Power Rack, or if you want to squat or press from a lifting platform. Complete with our premium Roller J-Hooks and our Half Rack Safeties -…

  • Half Rack

    £850.00 ex VAT

    Our half rack available with or without weight storage. Choose your add ons or call us if you want something custom.

  • Power Rack

    From: £1,085.00

    An essential item for any gym, the power rack allows you to perform hundreds of barbell exercises safely. The FMI Power Rack includes stainless steel bash plates on the j-hooks and safeties, so you won't have to deal with chipping and corrosion on the frames.

  • Complete Rack

    £1,295.00 ex VAT

    Our complete rack with weight storage. Choose to upgrade your J-hooks, add a wing or choose your pull up bar option.

  • Compact Half Rack System

    £2,150.00 ex VAT

    Customise your Rack with multiple options as well as your own choice of colours.

  • Designed for Strength Camp to specifications set by Elliott Hulse and Chris Barnard. The Strength Camp Custom Double Half Rack also packs small for easy transportation. Like all FMI products, this double half rack is hand crafted to order and can be completely customised to your requirements.

  • Customise you Rack. The┬áComplete Power Rack, Lifting Platform is incredibly strong and will never break this is why we have giving it our lifetime guarantee.

  • Customise your Rack by changing the wing, frame colour and add-ons. Get the strongest and most versatile rack from Full Metal Industries.