Strongman Equipment

Strongman Equipment

We manufacture a wide range of strongman equipment suitable for use in training or competition.

Strongman training has increased in popularity massively over the last few years. And it’s becoming common in gyms and car parks across the world.

Full Metal Industries is proud to supply Giants Live with equipment for the World’s Strongest Man Qualifying Tour. We’re also very proud to supply Strength Camp with equipment for the Strength Camp Challenge.

Why buy strongman equipment?

1. It’s an easy way to add a dose of awesome into your life! Strongman equipment is not expensive, and nothing will add an increase in conditioning and general strength as fast.
2. Train outside – nothing beats training in the sunshine. And training in the rain will make you feel like a champion.
3. Team based training – a single piece of strongman equipment can be used by a group easily adding a team-based element to your training.

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  • Viking Press

    Call for price

    Incredibly heavy duty Viking Press. Huge weight capacity. Hand made in Somerset in the UK. Provides both neutral and pronated grips for different pressing options. Single loading pin topped with custom, stainless steel end cap. Weight Storage pins can be added.

  • Combo Sled

    Call for price

    Compact Sled designed for pushing and pulling. Single loading pin topped with custom, stainless steel end cap.

  • Ultra heavy-duty Raised Farmers Walk handles. Available with Standard or Thick (2 inch) Handles.

  • Farmers Walk Handles

    Call for price

    Available in the following versions: Standard thickness handles 2 inch thick handles Dual - has both standard and thick

  • Pulling Blocks

    Call for price

    By flipping the pulling blocks you get 3 different heights: 400, 450 and 500mm. We can customise the heights if you have a preference for something else.

  • Five Pin Prowler

    Call for price

    Special 5 pin design to allow you to push and pull without having to turn the sled around.

  • Wheelbarrow

    Call for price

    A loadable wheelbarrow for strongman and conditioning training. Test your grip and traps to the max.

  • Duck Walk

    Call for price

    The Duck Walk is a great exercise to improve conditioning and lower back and leg strength.

  • Deadlift/Shrug

    Call for price

    Incredibly heavy duty Deadlift/Shrug. Huge weight capacity. Handmade in Somerset in the UK. Will provide your gym or weight facility with a sexy and rugged pieces of equipment. This also carries our lifetime guarantee.

  • Prowler

    Call for price

    Special 3 pin design to allow you to push and pull with as much weight as you want. With the double handles this sexy piece of kit will be the perfect addition to any strength training facility, boot camp or gym.