Dipping Frame
Full Metal Industries Dipping Frame 2

Dipping Frame

Dipping Frame from FMI – super strong dipping bars for heavy duty dips. Angled thick grip handles for comfort and training variations. Fully welded construction for maximum strength.

Guaranteed for life against breakage.

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Product Description

Dipping Frame

Free standing Dipping Frame from Full Metal Industries – a classic piece of equipment for a classic movement.

The Dipping Frame, sometimes known as Dipping Bars, are an amazing tool for developing huge strength in the triceps, shoulders and chest. Dipping can also help to develop good functional, and well stabilised, shoulder strength.

Our Dipping Frame has angled handles, which gives a wide range of widths from which to dip, allowing you to change the focus of the exercise and vary workouts. We also use thick grip handles to increase comfort, this is particularly important when performing weighted dips.

Dipping is one of the big exercises, and should seen as being as important as, and a perfect counter point to, over head pressing and bench pressing.

Our Dipping Frame is hand made here in Somerset in the UK, and is built to last.

Why buy an FMI Dipping Frame?

  • Lifetime guarantee. Like all of our equipment is guaranteed for life
  • Built by hand. Designed and made in the UK
  • Strong! You won’t break it, no matter how strong you are
  • Fully welded for maximum strength
  • Add a Dipping Frame to your gym to hugely increase the angles from which you can hit your pressing

Additional Information

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Custom Colour

Blue, Green, Gunmetal Grey, Orange, Red, Silver, White


Lifetime Guarantee – if it breaks, we fix it for life