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FMI P2 Plate Loaded Lateral Raise

Full Metal Industries

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P2 Plate Loaded Lateral Raise for training shoulders. 

This machine targets the lateral heads of your deltoids. Training your side delts, will give you width and contribute to that all important V-taper. A wide set of shoulders defines a physique. Don't be the guy with the big chest and narrow shoulders!

The P2 Plate Loaded Lateral Raise comes from our P2 Series of plate loaded machines.

Take a look at our full range of strength equipment.  

        About P2 Series

        P2 Series is our classic bodybuilding focused plate loaded range. 

        This rugged performance strength training series of equipment takes what athletes dish out and helps exercisers achieve physical goals. The P2 Series includes a comprehensive range of standard and iso-lateral plate loaded equipment perfectly designed to enable you to achieve superior results.

        P2 Series follows the same design aesthetic as our B2 Bench Series.


        We generally keep stock of this item in black frame/black upholstery. If we do not currently have stock or you want a custom colour option, this will be on factory lead time. 

        Contact us to discuss lead times. 


        Frame - Lifetime

        Cables - 1 year

        Upholstery - 1 year

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