HD Freestanding X Rig 4 Cell

Full Metal Industries

  • ¬£3,975.00

This range of Free Standing and Wall Mounted Rigs will provide you with everything you need to equip your Crossfit Box or Strength And Conditioning Facility.

X Rig Basic Features:

  • Free Standing
  • 4 Squat Stations
  • 2 Pull Up Cells
  • 80√ó80 Heavy Duty Box Section steel
  • J Hooks
  • LifeTime Frame Warranty

You can customise your rig by adding the following

  • Dipping Bars
  • Kipping/Pull Up Wing
  • Triple Pull Up Bar
  • Wall Ball Targets
  • Power Core Trainer Attachment
  • Safety Squat Arms
  • Monkey Bars¬†
  • Dipping Station¬†
  • Neutral Grip Pull Up Handles
  • Punch Bag Arm¬†
  • Step Up Plate
  • Barbell Storage¬†
  • Olympic Plate Storage Pin¬†
  • Flag Pole Attachment

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