HD T-Bar Row

Full Metal Industries

  • £699.00


Standing T-Bar Row from FMI – super strong plate loading T-Bar Row for heavy duty rows. Multi-grip handles for neutral, pronated, and supernated grip variations. Fully welded construction for maximum strength.

Free standing T-Bar Row from Full Metal Industries – another classic piece of equipment, for another classic movement.

The standing T-Bar is an amazing tool for developing huge strength in the biceps, shoulders and traps. The standing version also recruits the legs, core and lower back to good effect. There are few exercises that can recruit as wide a range of muscles in one motion.

Our T-Bar Row also has multi-grip handles, allowing you to hit your rows in different ways, and has been carefully designed to offer the maximum range of motion possible.

All our equipment is hand made here in Somerset in the UK and is built to last.

Key Features

  • Lifetime guarantee. Like all of our equipment is guaranteed for life
  • Built by hand. Designed in the UK.
  • Strong! You won’t break it, no matter how strong you are
  • Fully welded for maximum strength
  • Add a T-Bar to your gym to build up some seriously big backs!

About HD Series

The FMI HD Series is hand-built in Europe. All frames are guaranteed for life. Each piece is lovingly built to order by our team of skilled fabricators, so every order has the option to add custom features. 

Built by hand, guaranteed for life


This is a custom made item and takes a few weeks to manufacture. 

Let us know if you would like to find out about installation options

Lifetime Guarantee

This item carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY - if it breaks, we'll fix it forever. In the very unlikely event that something breaks, contact us and we'll sort the rest. 

In essence, what we are guaranteeing is that our products will never suffer a structural failure of framework or other welded metal parts. 

Exclusions from Lifetime Warranty:

  • Cables - these are a consumable part and will need replacing from time to time. 
  • Upholstery
  • Paint & finishes
  • Any non-metal parts
  • Items damaged through abuse or neglect

Please use our equipment in the manner intended, and it will look after you forever. We'll always do all we can to help you if something breaks through abuse, but it might not be a warranty issue. 

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