Pendulum Squat

P3 Pendulum Squat

Full Metal Industries

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P3 Pendulum Squat

The FMI P3 Pendulum Squat is designed to offer a natural squatting movement. It is an easy-entry machine, suitable for users of differing abilities. 

The comfort and smoothness of the movement can help novice trainees gain confidence in squatting. 

Why use a Pendulum Squat?

There are number of reasons:

Learn a natural squatting movement pattern. This is an ideal machine for novices.  Perform controlled and effective reps in a fatigued state. Your legs might be too tired to squat safely with a barbell or your CNS might be fatigued. You can still safely and effectively squat using this piece of strength equipment.  Focus on the muscle. We all know the barbell squat is the king of lower body exercises. It's hard! For that reason, much (if not all) of our mental focus is applied to moving the load and proper technique. This is fine for strength and athletic performance. Your goal however, might be hypertrophy. You might prefer your focus to be on your quads, or hamstrings or glutes. This piece of plate loaded strength equipment is ideal for that scenario, as it forces you to squat correctly, and it helps you stay safer when fatigued. 

About P3 Series

The P3 Series of strength equipment is our Elite Performance Range. Experienced athletes and exercise performers need to get more out of a workout and this range provides them with that point of difference!

This series of strength equipment includes plate loaded machines, benches, and specialist equipment designed to exercise the user through a number of specific movement patterns akin to athletic performance.

Each piece of the P3 Series has been desiged with a strength & conditioning focus, although these machines are also fantastic muscle builders.


We generally keep stock of this item in black frame/black upholstery. If we do not currently have stock or you want a custom colour option, this will be on factory lead time. 

Contact us to discuss lead times. 


  • Frame - Lifetime
  • Moving parts - 2 years
  • Pulleys - 1 year
  • Upholstery & Cables - 90 days

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