Spartan Atlas Stones

Spartan Atlas Stones

  • £65.00


We are very happy to be able to offer these incredible, British made, Atlas Stones from Spartan. 

Adding to our range of strongman equipment, these Atlas Stones are the best we have ever seen. 

Available in the following weights:

20kg, 25kg, 35kg, 45kg, 55kg, 60kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 110kg, 120kg, 125kg, 130kg, 140kg, 145kg, 150kg, 155kg, 160kg, 170kg, 180kg, 190kg, 195kg, 200kg, 210kg. 

Stones available over 210kg by special order.

Please contact us for Atlas Stone pricing and shipping costs. 

  • All stones are made with RC40/50 concrete which is a very strong and dense mix
  • They are within 2kg of the stated weight
  • They have been successfully drop tested from a 10ft platform
  • They are coated with 2 coats of sealer to improve finish and durability,

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