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Trap Bar

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Trap bars are just doing shrugs, right?


Trap bars are incredibly versatile and have a place in every athlete’s training armoury.

Here are some things you can do with a trap bar:

  • Shrugs – these are called either trap bars or shrug bars, and you can certainly use them to train your traps by doing shrugs.
  • Trap Bar Deadlifts – these are an excellent deadlift variation. The load is shifted slightly, closer to the body’s centre of mass. This allows a more upright deadlift position. This reduces strain on the lower back and shifts the training emphasis slightly onto the quads. If you are resting from conventional deadlifts or squats, these make an excellent halfway exercise.
  • Farmers Carries – trap bars can easily replace farmers walk handles if you don’t have them. Just load up the bar, deadlift it up, and then walk! It’s as simple as that, but one of the best all round conditioning and strength exercises known to man


We love our Trap Bars and here’s why we think you should too:

  • Hand Made by our own engineers at our little factory in the English countryside
  • LifeTime Guarantee
  • Can be customised – choose your handle thickness, or maybe take dual grip, however you want it
  • All FMI branded products we sell come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This warranty covers your product against structural failure. There are "wear and tear" components on some of our items, so these are covered separately. 

    Items covered by Lifetime Warranty:

    • Frames and structural integrity of: bars, benches, racks, rigs, plate loaded machines, selectorised machines, strongman equipment and sled

    Items covered under separate warranties:

    • Powder coating (excluding wear and tear) - 5 years
    • Weight stacks - 5 years
    • Bearings, pulleys and guide rods - 3 years (so long as correct lubrication and cleaning routines are followed)
    • Upholstery - 1 year



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Multiple purchases attract volume discounts


Frames of all machines, benches and bars guaranteed for life against structural failure. Other products have their own warranty terms


Contact us to discuss custom options on this product. It might be possible to have a custom colour, finish or to adjust the product to your exact requirements.