YORK® 7FT Mens Elite Olympic Training Bar

York Barbell

  • £385.00


YORK® 7FT Mens Elite Olympic Training Bar


YORK Elite Training bars represent the epitome of over 60 years of barbell training and manufacturing.

YORK Olympic Training bars are made from the highest grade North American steel with a minimum tensile strength of 190,000 PSI. The elevated temperature drawn high tensile steel ensure maximum strength and flexibility of the bar.

Ferrous bushings lubricated with Forway® facilitate free and constant rotation of the Olympic bar sleeves. Self-lubricating bushes as they are impregnated with oil soon after being made and this allows the sleeves to facilitate free allowing constant rotation of the bar, without counter-rotation of the weight plates.

Sleeves are finished to a precise 1.975” diameter, accommodating for any 2” diameter Olympic plate. Elite bars are calibrated to Olympic specifications and can be compared with the very best on the market like Werksan or Eleiko.

This bar is designed for Olympic-style movements, weighs 20 KG and has a 28mm grip.


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