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YORK® Olympic Flat Bench with Gun Racks

York Barbell

  • £560.00


YORK® Olympic Flat Bench with Gun Racks

The Olympic Flat Bench-Press is a staple bench for any gym.

The benches usability has been improved by the years of experience York have gained from making Olympic equipment and having had 7 Olympic Gold medallists train and work for them

The seat pad/upholstery is set at 430mm from the floor, this makes it ideal for all users and allows a firm planting of the feet, without over extending the lower back. The bench includes a large 610mm x 420mm spotting platform designed with a diamond plate, non-slip surface.

Seat pad is 1230mm x 265mm for added support Non-slip rubber feet

Dimensions with weight storage 153cm x 166xm x 150cm.

The optional weight storage attachment provides 6 plate pegs (3 on each side) for quick access to Olympic weight plates.

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