Turning Old Towed Cars Into Scrap Metal

Why do we need to squash cars and trucks? The most apparent factor is so they use up less area. However why are we ditching, shredding and junking cars and trucks to begin with? Recycling cars and trucks is a financially rewarding organization, and it makes ecological sense.

The sale of multiple-use salvage from old automobiles is just a little piece of the vehicle recycling pie. About 65 percent of a junked automobile is made from steel (the rest is made from other metals plus glass, rubber and upholstery). The rate for scrap steel and iron, though unstable, frequently hovers around $250 per load. Expanding economies in Asia have actually resulted in higher need for scrap steel, strengthening the marketplace worldwide. With 14 million lots of steel from cars and trucks being ditched each year adding to an industry-wide overall of 76 million lots of recycled steel and iron, it’s simple to see that vehicle recycling is a multibillion dollar market

Recycling metal utilizes about 74 percent less energy than making brand-new steel, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Recycled steel is more affordable also, because brand-new ore does not need to be mined to produce it. All steel produced today has at least 25 percent recycled steel in it, and some items are made totally from recycled steel. So in addition to the financial and ecological advantages, recycling vehicles is an essential link on the planet’s commercial facilities.

Squashing automobiles lets us get more metal that we can then improve into a much better item. We can utilize it to make more lorries or for other functions such as structures. Metal, being an exhaustible resource, is important. So we wish to make the most out of it!

If you require to get more metal or turn cars and trucks or other structures into metal reserves, call us and we can assist you right now.

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The first thing we will do is analyze the situation. We will see exactly how large the car is, and what kind of tow truck is needed.

From there we can dispatch the right crew to pick up your vehicle.

We will bring it back to our factory in Tulsa, and we will disassemble the car into small parts.

We will take the doors off, remove any extra wires, and begin to smelt the car down into raw metal.

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